P S Simply Simon

" SIMPLY SIMON "or " Congratulations " 1 CD

" Live Rhymin' California "

Live Santa Monica May 19th 1973 2 CDs

Good concert with rare tracks : death in Santa Cruz or Turn it up.

Paul Simon " Congratulations " CD live in Cleveland 1972 & Santa Monica 1973. This is a new release, double -length import with 22 tracks, very interesting couple of shows. Paul Plays solo acoustic songs & Simon and Garfunkel hits, with & without Urubamba and Jesse Dixon at various times. Sme rare material from his two albums " Run That Body Down ", " Was A sunny Day ", or " Duncan ", and two versions of " Congratulations "

CD remastered

Sound Audience recording A-




Version 1 CD

Live at Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA. USA June 1973 D070424 TRIAL

Version 2 CDs





Tracks list " Paul Simon Congratulations " CD

Live Cleveland 1972

Me And Julio


Mother And Child Reunion

The Boxer


Mrs Robinson

The Sound Of Silence

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Live Santa Monica 1973

Run that body down

Was a sunny day


El condor pasa


Death in Santa Cruz

Mrs Robinson



Homeward bound

Mother & child reunion

Turn it up

Sound of silence


Tracks List Paul Simon "Live Rhymin' California" 2 CDs


:01. Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard/

02. Run That Body Down/

03. Was A Sunny Day/

04. Cecilia/

05. American Tune/

06. El Condor Pass/

07. Duncan/

08. Death In Santa Cruz – Urubamba/

09. Good Bye Song – Urubamba/

10. The Boxer/

11. Mrs. Robinson/

12. Congratulations


01. Kodachrome/

02. Homeward Bound/

03. Something So Right/

04. Mother And Child Reunion/

05. The Sound Of Silence

06. Nobody But Jesus - Jesse Dixon Singers/

07. Jesus Is The Answer - Jesse Dixon Singers/

08. Bridge Over Troubled Water/

09. Loves Me Like A Rock/

10. America